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Fast Trade Show Banners In Las Vegas.

If you need fast trade show banners, Las Vegas is the place to get them.  Las Vegas has more trade shows and conventions than any other place in the world. With the fantastic night life, gambling, exquisite dinners, no wonder everybody wants to have there trade shows and conventions here.

The Las Vegas area has a large sign industry to support the trade shows and conventions. Many sign companies are needed to support the millions of visitors  that attend the trade and conventions.  Consequently, the sign industry in Las Vegas has state of the art technology to accommodate the signage needs of the shows.

The sign industry uses state of the art large format printers to make fast trade show banners.  These large format printers can print a few hundred  sq ft  every hour.  These large printers are made by Mimaki, HP, Mutoh, Roland and by others and use eco solvent and latex inks that are made for indoor and outdoor printing.  These inks produce bright and vivid colors and are capable of printing photographs on banners as well.

Fast trade show banners can be yours by contacting one of the many sign or print companies in Las Vegas. The sign companies can put a rush order on the banners and produce them in a short period of time.  The cost of a full color banner varies between $1.50 sq ft to about $3.50 a sq ft. There are additional options on banners such as hemming and grommets. ( grommets are usually free and placed every 2 feet on the top and bottom ) In addition, wind slots can be placed on a banner if the fast trade show banners are to be placed outside.  The wind slots allow air to pass through the slots rather than build up pressure on the banner which causes stress on the grommets.


Las Vegas 89109 Fast Signs and Banners 2021 by

Cheap Outdoor Banners For Advertising.

Cheap outdoor banners are an effective means of  business advertising. Cheap outdoor banners are very inexpensive and easy to hang to get your products or services across in a “large” way.

The cost of large cheap outdoor banner is approximately $2.00 a square foot. So, a 5 foot x 10 foot banner made with vinyl banner material would cost about $100.00.  The smaller the banner the smaller the price.  These cheap outdoor banners normally come grommeted every two feet at the top and bottom for easy hanging. The banners are normally printed on a 13 ounce banner material with eco solvent or latex inks to make sure the colors remain very bright and vivid through the life of the banner.

Sometimes stores or businesses will cut wind slots in them so that the wind is able to pass through the banner with ease.  Otherwise, the wind causes pressure on the banner and thus causes pressure where the banner is attached to, namely the grommets.

The cheap vinyl banners are easy to hang with the grommtes by screws, rope, bolts etc and can easily be changed out very quickly.  Many businesses use multiple vinyl banners and rotate the banners on a frequent basis to always give the store a new appearance. In adition to the new appearance, these cheap vinyl banners can easily display sales for new and seasonal products.  For example, a pizza place in Las Vegas rotates 4 banners that hang on the outside of there building that include a large pizza sale, chicken wing sale, lunch specials and a free delivery banner. The pizza place does very well with a banner rotation.  ( The banners are easily rolled up and stored for another use with minimal effort )

Cheap outdoor banners work because they are very inexpensive and allow a store to put a large sign on there building or fence that gets noticed by passing motorists.


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Cheap Pylon Sign Lettering For The Do It Yourselfers.

In Las Vegas, most businesses have a pylon or sign cabinet  that needs lettering when they move into a business or decide to change their lettering. Cheap pylon sign lettering is available for the do it yourselfers.  To get cheap pylon sign lettering, it takes a little planning and a little work and you can save hundreds of dollars.

The first thing to check when lettering your own pylon sign is to look at the height of the pylon sign.  If the pylon sign is 30 feet in the air, I would strongly recommend you hire someone with the proper equipment to do the job safely. I have been up on a ladder at that height and had wind gusts almost knock me off the ladder and I have occasionally extended myself a little too far and put myself at risk.  Determine your comfort level when working at heights.

The next item on the list is to measure the pylon sign opening for your cheap pylon sign lettering.  Measure from the inside to inside on the height and length. I say this, because sometimes it is more practical to apply the vinyl lettering to the pylon sign rather than take down the plastic face and apply it on the ground or in your work shop. If you do decide to take down the plastic pylon face, it is usually a couple of 1/4 inch nuts holding the end cap on the pylon sign.  Simply remove the end cap and slide the plastic face out.  If it is a long plastic face, be careful to support it while sliding it out.

Once you have the pylon face out, clean or remove the previous vinyl lettering from the pylon face and clean it thoroughly. You can go to a sign shop, craft shop or another place that sells pre-cut vinyl lettering and then apply it to your sign face and re-install the sign.


Las Vegas 89109 Fast Signs and Banners 2021 by

Vegas Vinyl Banners To get Your Message Across.

In todays competitive business environment, businesses are looking to get an edge over the competition.  Many businesses are using vinyl banners as a way to advertise their goods and services. Vegas vinyl banners are increasingly popular way of advertising products or services on the stores inner and outer walls. Vegas vinyl banners are cheap and easy to install.

Many stores are selecting certain products or services and adverting these specials on Vegas vinyl banners.  A perfect example is a vinyl banner I saw hanging on the outer wall of a store that advertised  ”  Large Pizza’s with 2 Toppings For $9.99 ”  This was a fantastic way for a pizza place to get the message out about their pizza special in a large way. What was so important was the fact that their store is located on a busy street and virtually thousands of vehicles passing on that street had the potential of seeing that banner and maybe buying a pizza.  That pizza may or may not be purchased on that day, but may be purchased within a few weeks.

These types of Vegas vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material with the use of large format printers. These printers print directly onto the vinyl banner material with eco solvent and latex inks which last a very long time in the Las Vegas heat. Not only  do these types of inks last a long time, they are very bright and vivid in colors.

The cost of these Vegas vinyl banners is not very much at all.  A Vegas vinyl banner can be purchased for about $2.00 a square foot and many times less than that if the print or sign shop is having a banner special.  These banners come grommeted top and bottom for easy hanging. The store owners can easily hang the vinyl banners themselves or have an employee do it. Vegas vinyl banners is a very cost effective form of advertising.


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Business Sign Lettering In Las Vegas.

Its very easy to do your own business sign lettering in Las Vegas. Many new businesses do not have the money to hire  sign companies to go and change their business signage.  Many of these business signs can be changed out by the new business and save a lot of money.

One of the steps in opening your new business is to determine what type of signage is available.  If you have a pylon sign in the front of the building that you share with other businesses or may have exclusively to yourself, you can easily change out the vinyl lettering on the sign.  Many times these types of signs have a plastic face or lexan face with cut vinyl on them.  On the backside of the lexan or plastic fascia, light bulbs shine through at night to light up the cut vinyl on the sign.  During the day, the cut vinyl is visible against the white plastic fascia.  It is very easy to change out this vinyl and do the business sign lettering yourself.

The first step is to get the measurements of the open area of the fascia. That will allow you to determine what size letters and how many letters you can fit in the opening.  While many people feel it is necessary to put as much information on the sign, sometimes simplicity is the best solution.  For example, would it be better to have ” PIZZA” in big letters or put many different products you sell in much smaller business sign lettering ?  Sometimes you can make it too cluttered so people cannot read it in the time they are motoring past your store.

Once you get the measurements of the pylon sign, simple design the business sign lettering to fit your dimensions.  Go to a print shop, hobby shop or sign store and have them cut your vinyl so that you can install it on your existing sign.

Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sidewalk Spinner Signs Get Attention of Passing Motorists.

Sidewalk spinner signs are a fantastic way to get the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians.  For those of you that don’t know what they are called, people that hold signs on sidewalks to get attention of passing motorists are called sign spinners.  In actuality, they are becoming a very effective form of human advertisement.

While driving the other day in Las Vegas, I noticed several people twirling and spinning sidewalk spinner signs. These  sidewalk spinner signs were promoting a lunch special at the local café, a pizza special and lastly, a cell phone service.  Of all the advertisement I visually saw on the way home, these sidewalk spinner signs really made an impression.  You cannot help but notice a person drawing attention to themselves while standing on a sidewalk.  It is human nature to be looking around while driving or at a stop light.  These sidewalk spinner signs are just made to grab your attention in situations like these.

The most common sidewalk spinner signs are made with lightweight material so that the sign spinners are not worn out after a few minutes of twirling their signs.  The most common size of a spinner sign is a 2ft x 4ft and made with 10mm coroplast.  The 10 mm coroplast allows for a sturdy, but lightweight spinner sign.  Sometimes these signs will have an arrow on them directing the attention of the viewer to the store where the sale is taking place.

The sidewalk spinner signs are not very expensive. The cost of a single sided 10 mm coroplast spinner sign of a 2ft x 4ft size is around $50.00

The fact that there are so many sidewalk spinner signs on the streets are  testimony to their effectiveness as a viable form of advertising. Local sign shops or print shops are where these advertising treasures can be purchased.


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Cheap Rush Order Banners In LAs Vegas Are Available.

Cheap rush order banners are available in Las Vegas because of the size of the sign industry in Sin City.  Las Vegas has more trade shows and conventions than any other city in the world.  Accordingly, it takes large support industries to make sure that the trade shows and conventions go smoothly.

Millions of people and business people come to Las Vegas because of the trade shows and conventions. While here, they enjoy the night life of Sin City, the exotic gourmet restaurants and of course, the gambling that Vegas offers. What people do not realize is the support industry that is needed to make sure all these wonderful events can happen.  It is amazing the personnel, food, liquor, costumes, set up crews, etc., that are needed to make sure your special function happens smoothly.

The sign industry is also called upon to make sure that all your special events have the correct signage.  There are a few hundred sign shops in Las Vegas with state of the art large format printers that can print cheap rush order banners and other signage.  These large format printers use eco solvent inks and latex inks that produce bright and vivid colors. In addition to making cheap rush order banners, these large printers can produce coroplast, vinyl, and other signs from materials that can be printed on.

Large format printers run vinyl banner material through them in different lengths and heights to make different types of vinyl banners. The hardest part of making a vinyl banner is getting the design that the end user wants.  There are several online design programs that are available as well as common design programs such as Adobe Illustrated, Photo Shop, Corel Draw, etc.  If a cheap rush order banners are needed, it is best to have the design ready to go.  The average print time for a 3ft x 8ft banner, or 24 sq ft, in 720dpi x 720dpi is around 15 minutes.


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Las Vegas Same Day Banners.

Las Vegas is the Sign capital of the world. That is because Las Vegas is also known as the Trade Show and Convention capital of the world.  Accordingly, there is a large sign and print industry that is needed to support the large trade show industry.  consequently, with so much signage capacity,  Las Vegas same day banners  are possible to obtain.

Las Vegas same day banners can be obtained by contacting one of the local sign or print facilities located in Las Vegas. Las Vegas same day banners are best approached when you have exactly what you want on the banners already planned out. Better yet, Las Vegas same day banners are easier to get when you have the graphic design already made by one of the several design programs that are available to the average person. Design programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrated, Adobe Photoshop or any other similar program can assist you in designing your own  vinyl banner. The self tutorials on the internet can assist you if you have difficulties.

Las Vegas same day banners are printed very quickly with the use of large format printers. These large format printers use state of the art inks that dry very quickly on the vinyl banner material and produce bright  and vivid colors. These machines can print over a few hundred feet an  hour. Of course, the higher the quality of the print, the more time it takes to print.  With the ability to print economically with these large format printers, the  price of vinyl banners has also come down to make it very affordable for businesses to use vinyl banners to advertise.

Las Vegas same day banners are a great way to advertise your business or event. They are cheap and very easy to install.  You can use zip ties, screws, rope or other similar products to install your vinyl banners


Battery Operated Sign Spinners.

There is a new trend in the advertising  world of sign spinners. Instead of hiring human sign spinners and paying them an hourly wage plus all the costs associated with employment, businesses are turning to battery operated sign spinners in lieu of human sign spinners with amazing results.  Not only is the battery operated sign spinners  more cost effective than human sign spinners, the reported advertising results are better.

The evolution of the human sign spinner has brought on battery operated sign spinners.  Just as robots have replaced factory assembly line workers,  robots in the form of battery operated sign spinners are replacing the street sign spinner. This evolution has brought down the cost of sign spinning tremendously.  Not only do you not have to pay the cost of an hourly wage, the business owner saves on workers compensation, insurance, matching taxes, Medicare, breaks, and other employment costs that add to the monetary compensation of a worker.  In approximately 4 or 5 days of hiring a human sign spinner, you can outright purchase a battery operated sign spinners mannequin and have it working for free after that.  Think about all the cost savings and the best part is you do not have to tolerate bad employee behavior.

Battery operated sign spinners can be purchased for under $500.00 and come fully prepared to work.  By that, I mean the battery operated sign spinners come dressed in a sexy outfit to grab passing motorist attention, come with a fully rechargeable battery, and are easily transportable with a dolly that comes with the  automated sign spinner.  The package comes ready to start grabbing attention for your business.

These battery operated  sign spinners work very well getting the attention of passing motorists and get your advertising message delivered. Several people are always able to tell me where they have seen them on the streets.


Sign Waving Mannequins In Las Vegas.

Summer is here in Las Vegas and people are out sign spinning on corners in Las Vegas to draw attention to their businesses.  In addition,  sign waving mannequins are also out plying their advertising trade. Sign waving mannequins are the next progressive step in sign spinning.

Its fun to watch experienced sign spinners twirling their spinner signs on the corners of Las Vegas.  Some of them are very good and others are sort of lazy and just sort of stand there while traffic passes them by.  It is the activity of the sign spinner that draws attention to the message on the spinner sign. Unfortunately for the business owner, he is paying the sign spinner if he is spinning the sign or just standing against a pole holding the sign.

The costs of the sign spinner vary with the expertise and experience, but one thing is sure, the business owner is paying for it along with benefits. Some business owners decided to get away from  human sign spinners and go with electric sign waving mannequins or battery operated sign waving mannequins instead of paying an hourly wage.

The cost of  sign waving mannequins is only about 4 days wages of a human sign spinner.  In just about four days, instead of paying a lazy human sign spinner, you can get a battery operated sign waving mannequin that will last a very long time.  Simply keep the sign waving mannequin charged up over night and the next day she is ready to work without breaks or complaints. You can dress the sign waving mannequin any way you want to draw attention to your signage.  Many businesses dress the battery operated sign spinner in “hot” clothing that is very revealing.  This always catches the attention of passing motorists and more importantly, attention to the advertising sign she is holding.