Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sign Spinning Mannequins and Sign Spinners.

Sign spinning mannequins are growing in popularity in the Las Vegas area and around the country and are replacing sign spinners at an alarming rate.  The traditional sign spinner is being replaced with a automated unit that works far cheaper than a human being twirling their sidewalk signs.

Sign spinning mannequins cost approximately $500 and are replacing sign spinners because they are more cost efficient.  After a one time purchase of a sign spinning mannequin, you don’t have to constantly pay an employee to be a sign spinner.  Think about it, no hourly wage, no workers compensation insurance, no overtime, no complaining, no payroll taxes, etc. etc.  A sign spinning mannequin will pay for itself in about a weeks time.  No break time, lunch time breaks, bathroom breaks or no potential injuries.

There are health hazards to sign spinning that are not present with a sign spinning mannequin or electric sign spinner.  If a automobile was to lose control and hit your sign spinner, their would be tremendous liability for an employer. While there may be damage to a electric sign spinner, everybody would agree that the human cost of injury would be far greater.

Sign spinning mannequins can be made to present your signage in a variety of ways.  While it may be important to have the mannequin dressed in sexy clothes to promote your product, you could also have your electric sign spinner dressed  in a variety of ways to make it seasonal.  For example, near Halloween, you could dree the sign spinning mannequin as a Superman character, Incredible Hulk , Wonder Woman, etc.  This would allow your sign spinners to be more in concert with the different seasons.

The sign spinners can be made to change out your message of goods or services with ease.  The spinner sign advertisement is very easy to change out.  So, save money and buy a electric sign spinning mannequin.


Battery Operated Sign Spinners

Electric Spinner Signs versus sign spinner ?

Electric spinner signs are becoming more popular versus the traditional sign spinner. Modern technology has allowed for a sign spinner machine to replace a human sign spinner. This article will compare and contrast if the electrical sign spinner machine is cheaper than a human sign spinner.

Several companies are now offering a sign spinning machine for less than $1,000.  These electrical spinner signs can be found on ebay or on Amazon.  They come in a variety of models, such as electric ac current or battery operated. The units contain a motor that is mounted on a mannequin and allows for a sign to be mounted on the shaft of the electric motor that spins and shakes a sign.  The mannequins are dressed in a sexy costume and are usually female.

The advantage of the electric spinner signs are that once they are bought, it just takes a few pennies of electricity to operate them.  A employer does not have to pay them or worry about their health care.  The units are simply plugged into a ac outlet or run thru a battery system that allows it to be recharged overnight. The mannequins are mounted on a truck dolly for easy portability.

The  electric spinner signs cannot talk back to the employer or demand a wage increase.  They are simply plugged in or hooked up to a battery.

The cost of a human sign spinner are self evident.  There are wages, health insurance, workers compensation, etc. etc.  The sign spinner can be used at slow work times at no additional cost to the employer.  That is, if work is slow, you still have to pay the employee whether he or she is standing around or sign spinning.

Once the initial cost is absorbed, approx. 80 hours of work for a regular employee, the cost of a electric spinner signs seems to be the best deal.


Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Arrow Signs Are A Cheap Form of Advertisement.

Arrow Signs are a cheap form of advertisement for Las Vegas businesses. They are very inexpensive to build and are easy to use to attract business.

The average person can build their own arrow sign out of coroplast, foam board, wood or plastic.  These materials are readily available at craft stores, sign supply stores and even places like Wal Mart.  All you have to do is cut out a design of a arrow and advertise your message.  you could use vinyl to decorate your sign, paint, or other materials to color your arrow sign.

The arrow signs are cheap to build and they are cheap to use.  If you or an employee are just standing around with nothing to do, you can grab the arrow sign and stand on the sidewalk an attract the attention of passing motorists. remember, these passing motorists are potential customers.

While the results of your advertising may not be immediate, bringing attention to your business with passing motorists may result in future customers. Your message on your spinner sign could be as simple as listing your company name or maybe advertising a special that your business is offering.  How many times have you driven around an seen a sign spinner on the sidewalk offering a pizza special or a hair salon offering a special on haircuts ?

Sign shops are a wonderful place to get a arrow sign, or commonly known as a spinner sign.  The sign shops have the ability to create a professional looking arrow sign to assist you in attracting new customers.

The best part is that if you have an employee standing around , why not use him to attract new business ? Many times, I have witnessed oil and lube shops with no business having their employees standing out front advertising with their arrow signs the oil and lube special.

Try a arrow or directional sign to attract new business, it works !


Las Vegas Banner Signs

Banners Are Cheap Advertising.

Banners are cheap advertising for businesses in Las Vegas. The cost of a vinyl banner that can advertise your goods and services can cost you less than $40.00

Banners are made with a 13 ounce banner material and have holes placed in them, commonly referred to as being grommeted. Grommeted  banners have a brass fitting that is installed on the banner approximately every 2 feet.  Some sign shops prefer to go very 30 inches for a grommet, but Posterhead Signs and other sign shops usually prefer the every 2 feet rule.

Banners can be made by placing vinyl on them that comes from a plotter machine, or preferably, from direct printing on the banner with the use of large format printers.  Eco solvent ink or latex ink is the best method for printing on the banner.  The reason is that these inks are made for indoor and outdoor use and are long lasting.  Common inks are Mimaki, Bourdeaux, Mutoh, etc.

The cost of a banner can be less than $40.00.  These banners can be then used for supplementing a businesses advertising by placing the banner on the businesses premises.  A common banner size is a three foot x eight foot banner.  This allows a large display of a businesses products or services to be seen by the customer base of the business. Banners can be made in different sizes as well.  Other common sizes are 4ft x 10ft, 2ft x 5ft, 3ft x 6ft.

The banners are printed or have vinyl applied and are not limited to any particular color.  Large format printers can print all the different colors on your banner to make it aesthetically pleasing and deliver a message that will work.

Banners are also very easy to hang and can be done with simple rope or screws to hold the banner in place. No special skills are required to hang a banner .



Spinner Signs

Directional Signs For Las Vegas Businesses

Directional signs are great for advertising your business in Las Vegas. Everyday, on the way home from work, I see people holding pizza spinner signs, telecom directional signs, or car signs pointing to the appropriate businesses in order to sell their goods and services.
Directional signs usually have a arrow on them pointing to the store they were intended to advertise. The signs are made with vinyl applied to a corogated material, usually 10 mm in size. The reason they use 10mm coroplast is because they hold up to the weather very well and are soft and light in weight. In case of sign spinners, if the sign gets away from the spinner and hits and object, they are not likely to cause damage. Political signs you see on the side of the road are made out of 4mm. The 10mm signs will last much longer than a 4mm coroplast sign.
Considering a ad in the newspaper can cost over a hundred dollars and a directional sign would cost between $40 – $80, you can see where the most bang for the buck is found. When business is slow, you can have an employee stand on the sidewalk in front of your business and immediately get results. Studies have found that directional signs , or commonly called spinner signs , work very effectively.
Directional signs can be made by professionals or be made yourself with very commonly found materials in craft and discount stores. It does not take much time and effort to make a sign and it can be made very simply or very elaborate. In the end, it is a great form of advertisement.
So why not put that employee that is standing around and put him or her in front of your store and attract new business with the use of directional signs. It will pay off quickly !

Sign Spinner Jobs In Las Vegas

As sign spinning gains in popularity as a cheap method of advertising, sign spinner jobs are opening up. While it is true most sign spinners are employees of the company they are spinning for, this is not always the case. As the warmer weather approaches Las Vegas, more sign spinner jobs will need to be filled.

Posterhead Signs makes spinner signs for a variety of businesses who offer an array of goods and services.  There are companies in Las Vegas that employ sign spinners, but many times a company just wants to hire a sign spinner for a few days. This is a great opportunity ti get your feet in the door and show everyone that you are willing to work hard.

Pizza places are great places to approach to do sign spinning. Sign spinning is also known as directional signs, custom directional signs, human directional signs, etc.  The average pay for a sign spinner job is approx $10 hr and goes up based on how good you spin signs.  In Las Vegas, we have all seen sign spinners just standing on the corner acting bored and other sign spinners really getting into it and putting on a show.  There are annual contests to determine who the best sign spinner is across the United States.

Anyways, Posterhead Signs has written articles on how to make a spinner sign.  Conversely, Posterhead makes spinner signs at a very reasonable price.  The basic 2ft x 4ft 10 mm coroplast full color spinner sign is $50.00.  I have known individuals who make, or buy their spinner signs for the company and just give them a all inclusive price for spinning their sign. While some people are only interested in sign spinning, others have found employment after completing their sign spinning assignment.

Sign spinner jobs are growing in popularity, especially during the mild spring weather in Las Vegas. Contact Posterhead for a price on a custom spinner sign today.

Sidewalk Signs “A” Frames is a Cheap Way to Advertise Your Business

Sidewalk signs make easy advertisement for businesses in Las Vegas. They are very easy to set up and take back down and store at the end of a business day.  They are also very inexpensive.

The most common type of side walk sign is the “A” frame sign.  They come in a variety of sizes , colors, and  shapes.  Plasticade makes a plastic “A” frame sign they call the deluxe model, whereby the sign actually just slips into a slot and it retains itself.  Earlier sidewalk signs , the business had to staple, screw, tape, etc the sign to the “A” frame.

The “A” frames side walk signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes  to hold various signs.  A Sidewalk Sign can be made to hold 2-24inch x 36inch signs, 18inch x 24 inch signs and other sizes.  The sidewalk signs come in a variety of colors , such as yellow, white ( most common ),black, orange, red, etc.  Some of the “A” frames or sidewalk signs will have springs on them to counter strong winds.  The modern plastic sidewalk sign also allows for sand or water to be placed into it in order to weigh down the sign and keep it in place against days where there is a lot of wind.

Another common sidewalk sign is the triangle sign.  That is where someone builds a home made sidewalk sign out of plywood, joins it together at the top, and then connects the bottom of it, thus forming a triangle.  This is a cheap way to build a sign that only takes a few hours and can be made very sturdy.  The business then staples the coroplast sign or banner material to their home made sign and changes the material out very easily.

Normally, the city or county does not require a special permit for a sidewalk sign, but it is best to check with the local government.

Window Vision Is A Cheap Way To Advertise Your Business

Las Vegas is a great place to use window and door graphics “Window Vision” to advertise your goods and services to your customers. They are a very effective and cheap  way to advertise on existing doors and windows of your office or store. Advertising this way can be done without burdensome city inspection permits.

Businesses put their store name, hours of operation, phone numbers and website on their front doors to help their customers know there hours of operation and contact information if the store is not open.

Other easy door and window graphics are putting vinyl letters on your windows showing what products and services you sell.  For example, if you are the owner of a beauty salon,  the window graphics you would put on a window would be related to your services.  Words like nails, haircuts, eyebrow threading, perms, hair  coloring are all words that can let your potential customers know what type of services you provide.

The vinyl lettering can be in a variety of colors. The most common colors of window and door graphics in Las Vegas are sunburst yellow and white vinyl letters.  These 2 colors show very well against the background of tinted glass.  Most businesses have tinted glass in Las Vegas because of the extreme heat that we have.

While it’s a little off the topic, window vision, or see through window graphics are also a popular choice in Las Vegas.  Window vision or see through window graphics allow you to see out of the window but only allow a customer to see your printed advertising from the outside.

Window vision, or see through window graphics is a economical form to advertise on your windows and also saves money by helping to block out the extreme heat of the sun  during the summer months in Las Vegas.

Posterhead Signs a proud seller of window vision and window graphics, door graphics and see through window graphics at an affordable price.

Spinner Signs are great For Business in Las Vegas.

Spinner Signs or Human Direction Signs are great For Las Vegas Businesses Sign spinning in Las Vegas is growing in popularity because of its effectiveness in attracting attention to the goods and services of a company.  Spinner signs or human directional signs are very common in the Las Vegas Valley.

On a recent drive home, I witnessed a sign spinner spinning away on the sidewalk  with his spinner sign advertising a large pizza for $9.95.  On another corner, a sign spinner was plying his message of cheap phone service.

Spinner signs or human directional signs, are usually a printed vinyl that is applied to a 10mm corrugated material. The standard size is 2ft x 4ft but that varies according to the customers needs.  The corrugated sign can be made for one side or for two sides so that the sign can be flipped to attract the attention of cars passing in the opposite direction.

Professional sign spinners are available through companies that market sign spinners, but usually the company has one of their own employees spinning the sign.  The spinner signs are lightweight and very easy to handle.  I would not have a sign spinner out spinning when it is windy.  In Las  Vegas, the winds can be bad at times. The spinner signs are a great eye catcher !

Posterhead Signs has made many spinner signs for their customers and strive to put the best message on the sign for the customer.  Several times, after a lengthy period of time, the company will come back and order more spinner signs because of their effectiveness and low cost.  Businesses have had a great amount of success from this low cost approach to advertising.

If business is slow and you would like to see what type of spinner sign would be most conducive to your company, please contact Posterhead Signs of Las Vegas and we would be glad to assist you.

Upright Banner Stands For Your Convention Needs.

Las Vegas trade shows can make or break a company by the signage they use at a trade show.  . Hundreds of businesses compete for attention at  Las Vegas trade  shows and  Las Vegas conventions.  Banner stands,  commonly known as retractable banner stands or upright banner stands are an effective way to display a company’s goods and services. Retractable banner stands or upright banner stands display a banner in a vertical position.

Use single retractable or upright banner stands to display information to your customers.. The vertical format is well suited to lists, the eye naturally being drawn to read from top to bottom.. Keep the information in short blocks for maximum impact and use images to reinforce to the customer what he has just read and learned.

You can create a backdrop using several retractable banner stands or upright vertical stands by placing them close together.. It’s quicker, easier and more convenient to set up these than one extra large banner and can be very effective, conveying the impression that your products are larger than life.

Use a series of banner stands to tell a story or a progression of your company’s history.  Its almost like telling a story as the reader moves along reading the progression of banners.

We have talked about the uses of a retractable or upright banner stand, but we have not mentioned how easy they set up and take down.  The average time to set up a retractable banner stand is less than just a few minutes.  When taking or breaking a upright banner stand down, it is just a few minutes to do so.  They usually come with a small travel bag and everything conveniently fits in within that small bag.

Posterhead Signs sells these retractable banner stands at a very low cost rate and they come in a variety of sizes.  We are located very close to the Las Vegas Strip and convention centers.