Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sign Spinning Mannequins and Sign Spinners.

Sign spinning mannequins are growing in popularity in the Las Vegas area and around the country and are replacing sign spinners at an alarming rate.  The traditional sign spinner is being replaced with a automated unit that works far cheaper than a human being twirling their sidewalk signs.

Sign spinning mannequins cost approximately $500 and are replacing sign spinners because they are more cost efficient.  After a one time purchase of a sign spinning mannequin, you don’t have to constantly pay an employee to be a sign spinner.  Think about it, no hourly wage, no workers compensation insurance, no overtime, no complaining, no payroll taxes, etc. etc.  A sign spinning mannequin will pay for itself in about a weeks time.  No break time, lunch time breaks, bathroom breaks or no potential injuries.

There are health hazards to sign spinning that are not present with a sign spinning mannequin or electric sign spinner.  If a automobile was to lose control and hit your sign spinner, their would be tremendous liability for an employer. While there may be damage to a electric sign spinner, everybody would agree that the human cost of injury would be far greater.

Sign spinning mannequins can be made to present your signage in a variety of ways.  While it may be important to have the mannequin dressed in sexy clothes to promote your product, you could also have your electric sign spinner dressed  in a variety of ways to make it seasonal.  For example, near Halloween, you could dree the sign spinning mannequin as a Superman character, Incredible Hulk , Wonder Woman, etc.  This would allow your sign spinners to be more in concert with the different seasons.

The sign spinners can be made to change out your message of goods or services with ease.  The spinner sign advertisement is very easy to change out.  So, save money and buy a electric sign spinning mannequin.


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